Squarry is seeking (co-)funding partners for this projects around social and environmental waste stream issues.
We have long-standing relationships with a number of foundations and family offices that have been at the cradle of our pilots in Angola, Peru and Sierre Leone.

Please get in touch to find out more about opportunities to start issue driven projects that can result in changing the way we see plastic waste.



Together with you we can tackle the plastic problem by principles of disruptive innovation; turning high tech plastic processes, years of optimization and extensive expertise into simplified low-tech solutions that fit local needs by being affordable, profitable and understandable. We are looking for investors to help scale up the Squarry portfolio and spread around the world.

To continue the Squarry mission we are looking for collaborations with foundations and NGO’s allready operation in area’s with plastic waste problems in developing countries.

About Better Future Factory

Better Future Factory is the founder of Squarry, they work together with great companies and designers to create iconic, innovative and scalable projects, that often grow into stand-alone startups, profitable business cases or icons that inspire the world to a start a better future.

With Refil they have turned old car dashboards into 3d printer ink selling our recycled filament worldwide.
They transform old slices of bread into energy and many more succesfull ventures that all work together towards a better future.




Pilot stage Agola


Better Future Factory