Squarry turns local plastic waste into new marble looking tiles. With these low-tech small production facilities we create new circulair economy entrepreneurs in developing countries.

SQUARRY - Low tech, low cost, high value .

Squarry develops and sells low-tech affordable, profitable and understandable plastic recycling tools. The produced useful products can be sold on the local market or via the Squarry city office in large batches to wholesalers or on the global market.

We offer a portfolio of recycling tools with a price range between 10 and 500 dollar that can be selected by the local entrepreneur based on local conditions; type of plastic waste and demand for products.

The process
The baking proces is safe according to Dutch prescriptions for a safe workplace. The tiles are produced with low-tech and affordable equipment. A proces that can deal with fluctuating power, pollution and does not need difficult to get replacement parts. In the future all our tools will be solar powered.

Three Squarry recycling solutions are in a late stage of development, using principles of cutting, melting and casting. Each tool currently uses PET bottles as input material but all three offer a different product outcome; ranging from rope to tiles to bricks to cutlery to fishing nets. PET has been selected as a starting material since it is easy to recognize, has a steady supply (used for drinking water) and is of high quality. PET is a difficult to recycle type of plastic which requires high tech and expensive plastic recycling installations to process. Instead PET is usually shredded and send of to India or China to be recycled. By recycling PET into products by the local entrepreneur, the added value is much higher.